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Emma's 3rd Annual Blanket Drive

More information in the coming year, until then, I will be collecting all year long! If you would like to donate a blanket, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. See the guidelines page here.
  2. Blankets should be between 12 and 24" in diameter, no bigger.
  3. They must be handmade. They cannot be purchased from a store or Etsy. The whole point of this donation is you made this from your heart and poured your love into it.
  4. Include your information with each donation.
  5. Contact me directly to receive my mailing address which is not public. 

Deadline for me to receive blankets is Dec 18. Please make sure they are in the mail no later than Dec 12 if you are mailing from the continental US. If you are mailing from outside the 48 contiguous, please mail a week sooner. 

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